Full Garden Re-design in Biddulph

Date: June 2019

Location: Biddulph, Staffordshire

Project: Full garden re-design including patio installation

Description: On this property, the garden was sloping and had a pond. However, this was becoming impractical with a toddler running about, and the owners couldn’t relax and let her play without concern that she would fall. The garden was therefore fully re-designed to be made safe by getting rid of the pond and creating level areas so that she can play.

The area where the pond was situated was changed into a beautiful rockery with a huge variety of evergreen planting, and the relaxing sound of running water in the garden was maintained by including a waterfall water feature running into a sump, made safe with pebbles covering it.

We built up the lawn level with inverted sleepers in a circular shape, and planted a small box hedge around the edge to keep the child from falling. This leads onto a round deck to create a seating area in the garden. Next to this, we created a herbaceous border for lots of colour in the summer months. The bottom section was revamped to allow for easy maintenance with slate chips and planting through it.

The top patio section was re-paved with gray Indian stone and the owners placed soft loungers to take in the views. All aspects of this garden were done to a contemporary style, to suit the style of the property and the taste of the owners.