Large Garden Design and Construction

Date: November/December 2019

Location: Congleton, Cheshire

Project: Garden Design and Construction

Description: The client was in desperate need to get the garden landscaped. They wanted a large sitting out, entertaining area where they can make the most of the sun, and a large lawn area for the children to play, with a pathway connecting the house to the different areas of the garden. They also requested screening from the housing development behind, and they wanted the design to be modern and contemporary.

The Design

I designed a large round decking 7m in diameter big enough for dining and lounging placed in the sunniest spot of the garden. With two large round lawn areas coming from the decking stretching to the house making a figure of eight shape. Large grey Indian stone paving coming down the side of the house along the back of the house for access and then stretching up to the decking. The back of the garden screened with large laurels for an evergreen screen and large Betula Jacquemontii trees in front. To the right hand side a smaller hedge of Prunus Lusitanica with contemporary planting next to. On the left hand side more trees added for privacy from the neighbours with contemporary planting surrounding them. Leading up to the back area for the children screened off with a hedge of Phyllostachys Nigra. A raised bed with inverted sleepers for more contemporary planting will hug the top of the decking.

Original Design

The client asked me to design the garden with no constraints, however due to budget constraints we couldn’t do it all. So we agreed to do the bulk part of it with minimal planting to fit in with budget, with the thought of adding to it in future years. Then the neighbour to the side generously gave them a strip of land down the whole length of the garden which meant the design had to be tweaked to fit.

Modified Design