Wild life friendly garden, Astbury, Congleton

Date: November – December 2020

Location: Astbury, Congleton

Project: Wild life friendly garden design

Description: After previously designing and building a contemporary back garden for this client she asked me to do the front garden. With a totally different look this time. She had in mind something that is wildlife friendly. And came to me with a picture of a dry garden she found in a magazine. Other than that had no idea what to include in it. She didn’t want a plan producing but asked me to think about it and come back with ideas.

So I thought straight away: Nothing is more wild life friendly than a wild flower meadow, so I knew I had to include one of these. In the top corner we built a large raised bed with inverted sleepers and a built in bench angled to view the rest of the garden. In the raised bed I’ve planted this with grasses and purple Echinacea to give a spike of colour and Prairie style planting. We then built steps with the sleepers from in front of the house, on to a path made from a self binding gravel known as Hoggin. Either side of the path flower beds done to the dry garden look topped with limestone chippings. The path then leads down to the bottom end of the garden to a wildlife pond with a Bog garden surrounding it. We also made a couple of benches to sit next to the pond. Some lighting was then added for some nighttime interest. Summer pictures to follow which will be a wash with colour – a Mecca for all the wildlife in the area. We also added some fruit trees at the bottom and a fruit bed at the top.