Garden Design and Construction

Alsager, Cheshire

Date: September 2019

Location: Alsager, Cheshire

Project: Garden design and construction

Description: In Alsager, Cheshire, our client envisioned a multifunctional oasis in their garden. They wanted a cozy sitting area by the door, complemented by a spacious patio in the top corner to enjoy the evening sun. To allow enough room for family gatherings and for the grandchildren to play, a designated seating space was incorporated. Also, they wished for a fruit and vegetable patch and customisable borders. We executed their vision by utilising Raj Green Indian stone for the patio, constructing a sleeper-raised bed, and adorning the space with a fragrant lavender hedge. Borders were defined with Everedge, while three carefully selected feature trees added balance and charm to the landscape.

Client’s Testimonial: “Having seen the garden Ryan had designed and installed for a neighbour, we asked him to come and help us to plan our garden on a new build estate. I love plants and wanted to do most of the planting and placing of shrubs and perennials myself, but we needed some help with design and doing the heavy structural work. We were both impressed with how Ryan listened and took into consideration all we wanted, the aspect of the garden and our budget. Within days he came up with a plan which, with a few minor adjustments is what we now have. We are delighted with the end result!

We now have a large raised bed for vegetables and some soft fruit, two patio areas, one of which gets the morning sun and the other the evening sun. We have a lawn large enough to play family games on and borders where shrubs, roses herbaceous plants and bulbs can be grown. Ryan bought and planted four small trees and 2 large shrubs, but we are enjoying choosing and positioning everything else ourselves. Throughout Ryan has kept us informed of how things were going and he and those helping with the project have come and gone without much disruption.

We now look forward to many years of enjoyment as the garden matures.”