Garden Design in Congleton

Explore our garden landscaping projects in Congleton, Cheshire. We have an extensive portfolio of stunning transformations, where lush greenery meets innovative design.

From quaint cottage gardens to modern urban retreats, Gardencare specialise in creating outdoor spaces tailored to your style and needs. We combine local knowledge with creative flair to craft gardens that thrive in Congleton’s unique community.

Browse some of our recent projects in Congleton, and then discover how we can turn your outdoor vision into a reality with our bespoke garden landscaping services.

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Garden Design in Congleton, Cheshire

The old garden really wasn’t working for the client. It had little or no interest with a really small patio which they had to fence off from the garden because their dog loved to dig in it.
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Garden Renovation in Congleton, Cheshire

The client got in touch with us as they felt their garden was in need of something new. So, they asked me to design them a new one.

Garden Makeover in Congleton, Cheshire

The client who had lived at the property for over 30 years decided the garden was long over due for a makeover. So they asked me me to design them a completely different garden to what they had.

Garden Design and Build in Congleton, Cheshire

The client, who had recently moved into the new build property, desperately needed a garden that they could spend time outside with the family. They asked me to design them a contemporary style garden with room for a hot tub.

Soft Landscaping in Congleton, Cheshire

 The client, who had just had the hard landscaping and driveway built, was left with a bare bank side. They wanted a grass bank along with some planting.

Garden Design and Construction in Congleton, Cheshire

The client recently moved into a new build property which didn’t have much usable garden space or planting areas. So, he asked me to design them a usable garden. I did this by giving them a large patio with an additional deck area to capture the evening sun. I installed a backdrop of a large planted border to break up the tall fence.

Garden Transformation in Congleton, Cheshire

The client desperately needed to make a nice garden suitable for all the family. They asked me to design them one with two key features: firstly, an area for the children, somewhere for their trampoline; secondly, an area big enough for entertaining and room for them in the future to have an outside bar.

Driveway Landscaping in Congleton, Cheshire

The client was sick of how messy his front entrance looked with the conifers so overgrown. So we cleared the old conifers out and felled the ash tree. We then cleared the ground to give us a blank canvas. We planted a new hedge of Prunus Lusitanica.

Wildlife Friendly Garden in Astbury, Congleton

After previously designing and building a contemporary back garden for this client she asked me to do the front garden. With a totally different look this time. She had in mind something that is wildlife friendly. And came to me with a picture of a dry garden she found in a magazine. Other than that had no idea what to include in it. She didn’t want a plan producing but asked me to think about it and come back with ideas.

Small Front Entrance Refurbishment in Congleton, Cheshire

The client felt the front of her house was looking a bit tired. Not much ever grew well due to shady north facing aspect, so we cleaned out the old bed and added fresh soil and rocks. We then planted up with shade loving plants. For a dramatic look we added three tree ferns and under planted with evergreen ferns for all year round interest.

Small Border Refurbishment in Congleton, Cheshire

The client was tired of how untidy the old herbaceous border was looking, so they wanted a complete change with the idea of it looking good all year round. The old plants were completely removed and soil cleaned out of roots and bulbs, and the border was replanted with evergreen shrubs to give all year round interest. The border was finished off with a metal lawn edging.

Large Garden Design and Construction in Congleton, Cheshire

The client was in desperate need to get the garden landscaped. They wanted a large sitting out, entertaining area where they can make the most of the sun...

Waterfall Refurbishment in Congleton, Cheshire

The customer wanted her water feature and waterfall improved. We worked on re-designing the surrounding rockery and planted up the rockery so that it was full of colour all year round.