Garden Landscaping

Mow Cop, Cheshire

Date: January-March 2023

Location: Mow Cop

Project: Garden landscaping

Description: Undertaking a challenging garden landscaping project in Mow Cop, Cheshire, the client sought to rejuvenate their bankside back garden, which had become overwhelming to maintain. After renovating their home, they felt the garden needed a facelift. To address this, we proposed terracing the bank using inverted sleepers, creating distinct garden areas. Additionally, we installed a spacious patio with matching porcelain tiles for a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. A highlight was the waterfall feature. It utilised the bankside to create a wildlife pond and cascading waterfall, adorned with decorative pebbles. Pathways connecting the areas were crafted with sleepers and hoggin, enhancing accessibility and aesthetics. Planting areas were prepared, allowing the client to personalise their garden with their chosen plants.