Garden Transformation

Congleton, Cheshire

Date: June 2021

Location: Congleton, Cheshire

Project: Garden transformation

Description: In Congleton, Cheshire, the client wanted to create a versatile garden space suitable for the whole family. Their vision included specific features: a designated area for the children’s activities – such as a trampoline – and a spacious entertaining space with future potential for an outdoor bar. To address these needs, I designed a circular patio using Indian stone slabs, accompanied by a pergola for shade. Additional paving along the house provided space for a BBQ and bar setup. A central circular lawn served as a focal point, while contemporary planting helped integrate the trampoline area discreetly. A raised pond with surrounding planting added interest, with garden lighting highlighting key features and small deck lights providing ambiance. Due to budget constraints, some aspects of the design were deferred for future implementation.