Wildlife Friendly Garden

Astbury, Congleton

Date: November – December 2020

Location: Astbury, Congleton

Project: Wildlife friendly garden design

Description: Having previously transformed the client’s contemporary back garden, our focus shifted to their front garden in Astbury, Congleton. Embracing a wildlife-friendly approach, we drew inspiration from a dry garden concept presented by the client. To enhance biodiversity, a wildflower meadow became the centrepiece, while a raised bed with inverted sleepers and a built-in bench offered a vantage point. Grasses and purple Echinacea adorned the bed, resulting in a Prairie-style ambiance. Steps crafted from sleepers led to a self-binding gravel path, flanked by flower beds. At the garden’s end, a wildlife pond enveloped by a Bog garden awaited, accompanied by benches for contemplation. Fruit trees and a fruit bed added further diversity, ensuring the garden became a vibrant sanctuary for local wildlife. Lighting elements were integrated to illuminate the garden after the sun sets.