Garden Makeover, Congleton, Cheshire

The client who had lived at the property for over 30 years decided the garden was long over due for a makeover. So they asked me me to design them a completely different garden to what they had.

Garden Design and Build, Congleton, Cheshire

The client, who had recently moved into the new build property, desperately needed a garden that they could spend time outside with the family. They asked me to design them a contemporary style garden with room for a hot tub.

Garden Design, Scholar Green, Cheshire

The client called me in to look at what I could do for their garden. Although having lived there for a few years they had not got round to sorting the garden out. It is a large garden with a tired old patio by the house and largely laid to lawn. It also had two very large trees what had completely covered the garden in shade.

Garden Design and Build, Allestree, Derby

The client’s garden really wasn’t working for them and wanted a drastic change. They wanted a design with a contemporary look and a space, great for entertaining. 

Garden Transformation, Rushton

The client got in touch as they desperately wanted a garden they could enjoy. They asked if they could have a design and build. I designed them a contemporary space, replacing the tired old decking with modern composite decking…

Soft Landscaping, Congleton

 The client, who had just had the hard landscaping and driveway built, was left with a bare bank side. They wanted a grass bank along with some planting.

Pond Construction, Biddulph

The client already had a large pond in the garden which had fallen into disrepair. They very much wanted to have a working pond suitable for wildlife. So it was agreed to create a new pond elsewhere in the garden.

Garden landscaping, Biddulph

The client’s garden was starting to look a little bit untidy but didn’t want a full refurb. So we suggested retaining the borders with sleepers and also incorporating some steps into this, replacing the old paving with new Indian stone.

Pond Construction, Brown Edge

The client had an old small overgrown pond and wanted to revive it, so we suggested getting rid of the old pond and construct a new bigger and better pond.

Garden Transformation, Kidsgrove

The client who recently moved into the property and inherited a very untidy garden, with a difficult slope to deal with. They wanted room for a summer house, room for some raised vegetable beds and a patio.