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Garden Design in Congleton, Cheshire

The old garden really wasn’t working for the client. It had little or no interest with a really small patio which they had to fence off from the garden because their dog loved to dig in it.

Bespoke Water Feature in Sandbach, Cheshire

The client had an old pond which was looking a mess, since the maintenance was becoming too much work for them. They asked if we could fill in the old pond and replace it with a water feature. This we did and created a bespoke water feature.

Garden Landscaping in Mow Cop, Cheshire

The client was having great trouble keeping on top of their bankside back garden. After recently doing the house up, they felt it really needed a facelift, yet were unsure of what to do. So, they enlisted my services to come up with a good idea of what to do, and then carry the work out. The only way forward with this bankside garden was to terrace the bank, making it more manageable. So, we did this using inverted sleepers to create different areas within the garden.

Front Garden Improvements in Church Lawton, Cheshire

After recently moving to the property, the client was struggling to make the front garden tidy as it had an old drystone wall that was falling down, with a large shrub bed alongside it that was out of control with weeds. Moreover, there was a very scruffy border with old tree stumps in, against next door’s fence. So, we decided to help.