Front Garden Improvements

Church Lawton, Cheshire

Date: February 2023

Location: Church Lawton, Cheshire

Project: Front garden improvements

Description: Undertaking a garden landscaping project in Church Lawton, Cheshire, our client, faced with a disheveled front garden upon moving in, needed help to revitalise the space. Struggling with an aging drystone wall, overgrown shrub beds, and scruffy borders, they turned to us for assistance. We embarked on a transformation journey by extending the driveway, replacing the dilapidated wall with sturdy inverted sleeper retaining walls. Metal lawn edging delineated new borders, while raised beds against the fence provided structure and visual interest. Horizontally placed sleepers extended the driveway, offering storage space for their caravan. The extended drive sections were revamped with reclaimed blocks, completing the rejuvenation of the front garden.