Case Studies

Please see some case studies below of recent projects we have completed.

Garden Makeover, Congleton, Cheshire

The client who had lived at the property for over 30 years decided the garden was long over due for a makeover. So they asked me me to design them a completely different garden to what they had.

Garden Design and Build, Congleton, Cheshire

The client, who had recently moved into the new build property, desperately needed a garden that they could spend time outside with the family. They asked me to design them a contemporary style garden with room for a hot tub.

Garden Design, Scholar Green, Cheshire

The client called me in to look at what I could do for their garden. Although having lived there for a few years they had not got round to sorting the garden out. It is a large garden with a tired old patio by the house and largely laid to lawn. It also had two very large trees what had completely covered the garden in shade.

Garden Design and Build, Allestree, Derby

The client's garden really wasn’t working for them and wanted a drastic change. They wanted a design with a contemporary look and a space, great for entertaining. 

Garden Transformation, Rushton

The client got in touch as they desperately wanted a garden they could enjoy. They asked if they could have a design and build. I designed them a contemporary space, replacing the tired old decking with modern composite decking...

Soft Landscaping, Congleton

 The client, who had just had the hard landscaping and driveway built, was left with a bare bank side. They wanted a grass bank along with some planting.

Pond Construction, Biddulph

The client already had a large pond in the garden which had fallen into disrepair. They very much wanted to have a working pond suitable for wildlife. So it was agreed to create a new pond elsewhere in the garden.

Garden landscaping, Biddulph

The client's garden was starting to look a little bit untidy but didn’t want a full refurb. So we suggested retaining the borders with sleepers and also incorporating some steps into this, replacing the old paving with new Indian stone.

Pond Construction, Brown Edge

The client had an old small overgrown pond and wanted to revive it, so we suggested getting rid of the old pond and construct a new bigger and better pond.

Garden Transformation, Kidsgrove

The client who recently moved into the property and inherited a very untidy garden, with a difficult slope to deal with. They wanted room for a summer house, room for some raised vegetable beds and a patio.

Garden Design and Construction, Congleton

The client recently moved into a new build property which didn’t have much usable garden space or planting areas. So, he asked me to design them a usable garden. I did this by giving them a large patio with an additional deck area to capture the evening sun. I installed a backdrop of a large planted border to break up the tall fence.

Pond Installation, Stoke-on-Trent

The client's pond was looking dirty and needed general refurbishment. I suggested we accomplish this with a new liner edged in sandstone. I built them a waterfall system and fitted it out with a new pump and filter, and an additional UV to keep the water crystal clear in sunny spots. 

Decking and Raised Sleeper Bed, Crewe

The client wanted a large deck area accessible from the house and suitable for his disabled daughter. The client also wanted some raised beds to surround the deck.

Garden Transformation, Congleton

The client desperately needed to make a nice garden suitable for all the family. They asked me to design them one with two key features: firstly, an area for the children, somewhere for their trampoline; secondly, an area big enough for entertaining and room for them in the future to have an outside bar.

Border Planting, Alsager

The client, whom I have done work for in the past, got in touch to see if I could improve the look of the garden that came with the new build property they recently moved into. As with all new builds, their garden didn't come with anything other than the grass. So I created a nice flowing border, edged with metal lawn edging. It was planted with mostly evergreen shrubs, mirrored on both sides, and topped with blue slate chippings for easy maintenance and a modern look.

Garden design, Biddulph

The client although have a very well kept garden wanted a change and an improvement of what they had. So they asked me to design them a new garden and also include redoing the the front drive and make it slightly bigger. So I came up with design. So with some minor adjustments a budget was agreed and work commenced.

Patio extension, Biddulph

The client wanted a small extension to her patio, just enough room for a couple of seats, somewhere that would catch the evening sun, but also wanted the ugly gravel boards to be covered up. This we did with a small sleeper retainer, the perfect back drop to a new patio done with large grey Indian stone edged with charcoal block pavers and finished with resin joint filler for a contemporary look.

Sleepers and Decking, Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire

The client had a large area of the garden supported with sleeper walls which had become rotten and in danger of falling down. There was also a large decked area which was rotten and slippery so was very dangerous to walk on. It all had to be replaced. 

Driveway Landscaping, Congleton, Cheshire

The client was sick of how messy his front entrance looked with the conifers so overgrown. So we cleared the old conifers out and felled the ash tree. We then cleared the ground to give us a blank canvas. We planted a new hedge of Prunus Lusitanica.

Wild life friendly garden, Astbury, Congleton

After previously designing and building a contemporary back garden for this client she asked me to do the front garden. With a totally different look this time. She had in mind something that is wildlife friendly. And came to me with a picture of a dry garden she found in a magazine. Other than that had no idea what to include in it. She didn’t want a plan producing but asked me to think about it and come back with ideas.

Back garden patio landscaping, Biddulph, Staffordshire

The client wanted to revive there garden and add a new sitting area in the garden that would get the sun in the day right through to evening. So with this in mind they asked me to design the garden for them. As you see from the design I added new paving to the area already used as the patio.

Front garden transformation, Biddulph, Staffordshire

The client was tired of how messy her front garden looked. She wanted 2 different types of gravel with minimal easy maintenance planting, so the old garden was cleared away. We kept the two conifers in the corner and gave them a nice trim.

Garden refurbishment in Cheddleton

After previously landscaping a lot of the garden the client decided it was time the patio was updated from the tired old paving. So we designed and laid the new paving out of large Indian stone, with even more room for planting.

Small Garden Transformation, Biddulph, Staffordshire

The clients recently moved into the house but the garden had been neglected for some time. They had no idea what, if anything, could be done with a small space...

Garden Design and Construction, Astbury, Cheshire

The client was sick of how featureless and boring the back garden looked. But wasn’t sure what to do with it but definitely wanted something interesting done to the large bank side. Including a water feature. And wanted a contemporary look.

Riverbank Landscaping, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent

The clients garden backs onto the river trent. Unfortunately the bank side was looking a bit scruffy and access was getting difficult. So the solution was to build up some terracing using inverted sleepers to get some nice curves. Gentle steps were then added to make the access easier. The idea is to slowly progress along the bank side.

Pond and Patio, Packmoor Stoke-on-Trent

The client had an old pond and waterfall that leaked, surrounded with vey old and tired paving. As they loved sitting watching their fish, they really felt it badly needed renovating. So with not going away because of the Coronavirus epidemic, they wanted to spend the money making the pond area a nice place to enjoy for summer.

Patio and Gazebo Seighford, Stafford

The client wanted to move his hot tub next to his shed but the existing decking was too weak to take the weight. He also wanted it covered with a gazebo for all weather use. The client wanted Indian stone to match existing pathways, so we laid the patio with Raj Green Indian stone. We then erected a gazebo over it ready house the hot tub.

Small front entrance refurbishment, Congleton

The client felt the front of her house was looking a bit tired. Not much ever grew well due to shady north facing aspect, so we cleaned out the old bed and added fresh soil and rocks. We then planted up with shade loving plants. For a dramatic look we added three tree ferns and under planted with evergreen ferns for all year round interest.

Small border refurbishment, Congleton Cheshire

The client was tired of how untidy the old herbaceous border was looking, so they wanted a complete change with the idea of it looking good all year round. The old plants were completely removed and soil cleaned out of roots and bulbs, and the border was replanted with evergreen shrubs to give all year round interest. The border was finished off with a metal lawn edging.

Pond and Stream Refurbishment in Wolstanton, Staffordshire

The client thought that the existing pond and stream needed a bit of a lift. They wanted one of the ponds made bigger and the stream made wider.

Large Garden Design and Construction in Congleton

The client was in desperate need to get the garden landscaped. They wanted a large sitting out, entertaining area where they can make the most of the sun...

Pond Refurbishment Newcastle under Lyme

This client's pond was looking a bit scruffy, so a refurbishment was in order. The client wanted a brand new look for their new pond, so the old pond was cleaned and stripped out.

Water Feature Installation in Knypersley

The client wanted a rockery with a cascading waterfall, but without a pond so that he could enjoy the sound of water falling in the garden.

Garden Design and Construction in Alsager

The client wanted a small sitting area outside the door with the main patio in the top corner to catch the evening sun and the garden to entertain their family with seating area and space for the grandchildren.

Pond Refurbishment in Stockton Brook

At this property, the pond was getting overgrown, so the shrubs were thinned out and covered with pebbles to make maintenance easier. 

Border Design in Newcastle-under-Lyme

This area was previously covered with the branches of the tree and scrub underneath. Gardencare had the tree crown lifted, we imported a few ton of soil and large rocks to create a rockery. We planted the border with tree ferns and a mixture of small ferns suitable for dry shade.

Border Re-design in Newcastle-under-Lyme

The client at the property had an unused grass bank which needed some life. We suggested creating a rockery using large rocks to hold the bank up, and a range of plants which will fill the border in the months to come.

Full Garden Re-design in Biddulph

On this property, the garden was sloping and had a pond. However, this was becoming impractical with a toddler running about, and the owners couldn't relax and let her play without concern that she would fall. The garden was therefore fully re-designed to be made safe by getting rid of the pond and creating level areas so that she can play...

Garden Transformation in Alsager

This client wanted a large patio designed for alfresco living. This project included laying an Indian Stone patio for their outdoor furniture to occupy, and building a raised bed including Mediterranean plants to remind them of their holidays abroad. We also planted a Portuguese Laurel hedge which, when fully established, will be the perfect spot to keep unsightly bins.

Small Garden Refurbishment in Cheddleton

There was a section of this client's garden which previously had no plants due to being quite shady. We planted this section with tree ferns, small ferns for the shadiest parts and specimen acres, and the area was finished off with large pebbles for a contemporary look and to keep weeds at bay.

Waterfall and Stream Refurbishment in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Waterfall and stream refurbishment

Waterfall Refurbishment in Congleton

The customer wanted her water feature and waterfall improved. We worked on re-designing the surrounding rockery and planted up the rockery so that it was full of colour all year round.

Installation of Pond and Waterfall in Biddulph

This project was the installation of a pond and waterfall. We used a high quality pump, filter and lining and built up a rockery feature around to pond, including a variety of plants which will keep the pond looking attractive all year round.

Garden Design and Construction in Biddulph, Staffordshire

The client needed their garden re-designing to a contemporary style to suit the property, after a garage had been removed. They wanted a large patio for Alfresco dining and a tropical theme for the planting. This was achieved with an Indian Stone patio, installation of a raised bed, and grey slate was laid over a membrane to eliminate weeds and make the garden low-maintenance. 

Re-design of Property Entrance in Newcastle-under-Lyme

The client at this property felt that the front of the house looked unkempt, so Gardencare came in to tidy up the land. We cleared out all of the old shrubs, and tidied up the trees. We put down a new, healthy lawn and placed some decorative boulders to make the space look more spacious and tidy.

Pond Refurbishment in Bemersley

This was a pond installation originally completed by Gardencare quite a few years back. Over the years the planting had overgrown and was looking cluttered. The rockery was cleared out to leave minimal planting. The waterfall was rebuilt and then covered with pebbles to give it a contemporary look.

Waterfall Refurbishment in Biddulph Moor

On this project, the waterfall's surroundings needed revamping to make it more appealing. We designed a rockery and used a variety of plants which will continue to fill the beds over the months to come and make the waterfall an attractive feature all year round.

Refurb of Steep Garden in Little Chell

This project involved transforming a very steep garden which was overgrown and unusable. 40 ton of material was removed in order to install terraced levels using sleepers. We installed two large borders and a level lawn in the middle. The client now finds this garden more easier to use, and will be including plants in the borders over the months and years to come.

Dividing Border Re-design in Biddulph

This was a project completed for 2 neighbours, who were looking to improve the look of the border between their properties. They felt that it was scruffy-looking and needed re-designing to smarten it up, so we carried out a small refurbishment on the patch...

Pond Refurbishment in Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent

The client already had a plastic pond and waterfall in the base of an old greenhouse but wanted a larger, deeper pond and a proper waterfall to be kept in the same base. Gardencare took out the old pond, dug a deeper pond and installed a high-spec pump, filter, and lining, and created a pebbled surrounding to make a feature of the pond.